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San Francisco Book ReviewAt over 3.5 million square miles, China has much to offer adventurous travelers. This book does not skimp on any information a traveler might need. The opening is as appetizing for travelers as a wonderful tray of dim sum – with stunning photographs and short descriptions of the top fifty travel destinations in China, followed by a history of China including a comprehensive timeline. Travelers like having historical information about the places they visit, and this is just the right amount to satisfy most.

“Bingo! You’ve hit the 777 jackpot shopping destination in all of Hong Kong. Tsim Sha Tsui is known as a must for the adventurous bargain shopper. The streets here come alive, teeming with peddlers screaming above your head for you to come in and find out what bargains they can give you.”

The writers divided the book into 34 geographic sections, each filled with the kind of information travelers really need: weather through the year; a map of the area; a short history; attractions including photos, prices, hours, websites, local transport information even including phrases to show a taxi driver written in Chinese; hotel, bar, club, and restaurant information with descriptions and discounts available with the book; shopping; entertainment; and a useful, thorough section on transportation. Some sections on trains even includes prices, duration, and schedule information. This high level of information gives travelers a leg up on planning. Travelers will have an edge at staying safe after reading the sections on scams; air, water, and food quality; and travel tips.

The writing is lively and pleasant to read as the writers are mostly Americans, some expats, who have spent a good deal of time in China. The book comes with a large map of China and smaller maps of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing. A Mandarin Chinese phrasebook and excellent index polish this terrific travel book off. Only a couple of problems exist. First, the type is a bit small and the weight comes in at a hefty 2 pounds 11.8 ounces. Otherwise, this book promises to be the perfect companion for travelers and armchair travelers.

Reviewed by Rosi Hollinbeck (

Portland BooksDo you want to travel to Shanghai? What if you could take along a friend who could speak the language, show you the hottest spots and help you embrace all that a new culture has to offer? Introduce me to that friend! Fortunately you don’t have to have an actual human with you—just bring along Shanghai, published by Panda Guides.

This wonderful travel guide is written by Brendan P. O’Reilly, Trey Archer, Sam Gusway and Ansel Klusmire, four expats who have teamed up to provide tourists with insider knowledge. If you are going to Shanghai, you must invest in this guide. The Overview (and the whole book) is full of historical and cultural information. Color pictures complement the entire guide. There is a section about how to get prepared, which includes tips on air travel, getting a visa, what to pack and how to handled money and banking (just to name a few of the priceless tips). Once you get to Shanghai, use this guide as much as you can. Chapters on top attractions, side trips, eating and drinking, nightlife, shopping and a Mandarin phrasebook will help you have the best trip possible.

What makes this guide so special? The four authors left their homes and have become part of the Chinese community. They know the language, the customs and the people. When you read their words, it is like you are talking to a good friend. They are all funny and have unique travel stories to share. For example, if you aren’t familiar with Chinese celebrities, they recommend that you stop by Madame Tussauds for a crash course on superstars. And they don’t just focus on typical tourist destinations. The authors include some of the most unique attractions like the zoos, an amusement park, aquariums, acrobat shows and a movie palace right of the 1940s.

Their sample itineraries are nice because readers can follow them exactly or mix and match to suit a more personal timeline or special interests. One fun itinerary is called “Shopaholics Anonymous” and another is called “The Shanghai Pub Crawl.” And what’s great is that the authors have experienced all of this. The scam section (what they are and how to avoid them) is a funny though very serious chapter. The team has been duped by these schemes, so they know exactly how to avoid the Tea House, Art Student, Massage, Bar Tab, Fake Alcohol and Restaurant scams. The personal accounts are a must read!
Take advantage of the recommendations for hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. The authors have made personal connections while living in Shanghai and offer discounts at these “Panda Partners.” Travelers, readers and wishful thinkers will benefit from this guide. The information can be trusted and the information is reliable. Start planning today and enjoy your trip!
Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin (

Borders AdventuresI was informed many times that the most popular print travel resources were not that useful for China travel, and I was correct. On the one hand, China is so huge and constantly changing, it is hard to keep up; on the other hand it is essential to have backup when travelling here with all its frustrations.

When I was asked to review Panda Guides my first thought was that I wish I had used them during my 10 weeks there. Each in-depth guide is written by expats and local writers without being overwhelming, the maps are clearer, and they contain useful information such as ‘Side Trips’ from major cities, including info on distance and exact breakdowns of how to get there. There’s all the top tips you need, alongside detailed pricing and timings, these are handy when you will often find yourself unable to get hold of this information easily, quickly and without expert miming skills.

There’s even overviews on topical issues such as air pollution and an extensive list of food dishes with Chinese characters included (and to think I walked around with my favourite eggplant dish scribbled on a piece of paper!).  Highly recommended.

Becki Enright, Travel Writer & Founder of (

Hostel LifePanda Guides: The #1 China Guidebook!

The #1 China Travel Guide… The Hostel Life stands by this guidebook! 


 Canada Flag

 Whether you’re planning a long trip through the vast land of China or just a couple weeks in one of its top-notch cities, the folks at Panda Guide seem to have you covered…


Plus, they offer discounts, and their books are just so darn good looking!

Joseph Zhang, Publisher of CC Media Inc. (Canada)


E-China CitiesGood travel advice, solid writing, organized attraction info, clean translations…


Panda Guides knows what needs to come standard in a guidebook these days. But discounts and business mini-maps? What novel ideas! How come no one has thought of this before? We definitely give them an “A” for innovation.

George Xu, President of 



Chengdu Publishing HouseMaps are a very important part of any great guidebook. We've been working in this field for 30 years, and we've never been as impressed as we are with Panda Guides' maps.


What's more, the mini-maps of hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants are one of the freshest ideas we've seen – none of the other guidebooks on the market have anything like this.

Robert Yan, Publisher at Chengdu Cartographic Publishing House



Pin the Map logoOf course, a guidebook is only as good as its writers and what Panda Guides offers is knowledgeable, insider tips from local ex-pats based in China.


Nikki Vargas, Travel Writer & Founder of


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