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Zhenjiang - a Happy City

Zhenjiang City lies on the south bank of the lower Yangtze River, and in the southwest of Jiangsu Province. ...

Zhenjiang - a Happy City


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Zhenjiang - a Happy City

by Khaleel Obieda   - Aug 7, 2015

Zhenjiang City lies on the south bank of the lower Yangtze River, and in the southwest of Jiangsu Province. The city borders on Changzhou City to the southeast, Nanjing City to the west and faces to Yangzhou City and Taizhou City across. It is a very small, but so lovely and peaceful place. Compare with other Chinese cities, in this city, the population less and everything is close to each other, which makes our life easier. 

Zhenjiang is a city on the lower Yangtze River

Some history moments of Zhenjiang city

Zhenjiang was the seat of feudal domains from the 8th century BC onwards, known first as Yi and later as Zhufang and Guyang. After it was captured by Qin Shi Huang, the first Chinese emperor, in 221 BC, it became a county town and was given the name Dantu. It became the seat of a higher administrative division during the middle of the 3rd Century BC. Conquered by the Sui Dynasty in 581 AD, it was made a garrison to guard the entrance to the Yangtze River, hence its name which means "Garrison of the River". In 595 it became a full county . Its importance grew with the building of a precursor to the Grand Canal, when it became the chief collection and forwarding center for tax grain paid by residents of the Yangtze delta region. Also, Zhenjiang natives speak a dialect of Lower Yangtze (Jianghua) Mandarin Chinese, at the edge of a linguistic border with the Wu language. I got my first language skills from Zhenjiang and now I speak Chinese in a good level. For students, who is wandering to study or practice Chinese in a calm atmosphere, I would recommend this place, it is more than perfect for language. And Spring and autumn is the best time to pay a visit due to the mild weather.

A Famous Chinese tea

In a park on the edge of Zhenjiang there is a spring which was described in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) as being the best in Jiangsu for the making of tea, now famous as "Number One Life Spring Under Heaven". I still remember, on my winter holidays I was going back home and of course wanted to buy some tea gifts to my family, I asked a shop assistant “which tea would you recommend me to buy ?” and I heard from her- “ A good quality tea and best one in this province is a tea from Zhenjiang “. I listened to her and I bought the tea and after my family were very glad and thankful for the best tea they have ever tried.

A famous green tea

If you would like to try some special local products, I would recommend:

Zhenjiang vinegar (Zhènjiāng Xiāngcù; 镇江香醋)

Danyang sealed jar wine (Dānyáng Fēnggāng Jiǔ; 丹阳封缸酒)

Jinshan lanterns (Jīnshān Dēngcǎi; 金山灯彩)

There are some Muslim and vegetarian restaurants in this city.
You can go to Beijiang Restaurant (Běijiāng Fàndiàn; 北疆饭店). It has many delicious Muslim foods that also wins high popularity among local people. This one is located at 7th Floor, Yaohan Shopping Center, Dashikou, Jingkou District (京口区大市口八佰伴7楼; Phone: 0511-85233899).

About vegetarian restaurant, Fine Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant (Miàoliánhuá Sùshíguǎn; 妙莲华素食馆) is a good choice for you. It has healthy dishes with comfortable environment. The address is No.2, Biguiyuan Avenue, Huangmei Town, Qixia District (栖霞区黄梅镇碧桂园大道2号碧桂园凤凰城, 碧桂园欢乐城3楼; Phone: 0511-87381638).

Scenic Spots
Maoshan Hill (Máo Shān; 茅山):
Located about 40 km away from Zhenjiang, the verdant Maoshan mainly consists of three peaks and boasting magnificent natural sceneries. It is the birthplace of the Shangqing Sect of Taoism, where the highest statue of Lao-tzu is worshipped at present. There you can find more detailed information:
Location: Zhenjiang
Address: Maoshan Town, Jurong City, Zhenjiang
Fee:70 RMB; 1.2 m children free entry
Operation:7:00 – 17:30 Monday to Sunday, Taoism Annual Conference from February to March each year; Mountain Hiking Festival March 18 to May 8 each year
Route:Take a bus or taxi via Chang-Liyang Highway or Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, 50 km from Nanjing Lukou Airport; Jintan City and Jurong City have shuttle bus to the region
Phone: 0511-782 7158

Maoshan Hill

•Ancient Xijin Ferry Street (Xījīndù Gǔjiē; 西津渡古街): The 1,000-meter long Ancient Xijin Ferry Street is located in the west of downtown Zhenjiang. It was left with a number of characteristic historical sites from the Tang, Song, Yuan and Qing dynasties.

•Jiao Hill (Jiāo Shān; 焦山):
This hill is located 5 km away to the northeast of city proper, and surround by the Yangtze River. It is only 70.7 meters above the sea level but has the largest forest of stone steles in the south of the Yangtze River.

Some useful information about Jiao Hill

Admission Fee:

50 RMB for the entrance fee
RMB for ascending Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda

Bus Route:

1. Take bus no. 4, 104 or 133, and get off at Jiaoshangongyuan Stop

2. take bus no. 49, D3, D4 or K112, and get off at Jiaoshanfengjingqu St

A famous Library
Near the Zhenjiang Museum (Zhènjiāng Bówùguǎn; 镇江博物馆) in Boxian Park (Bóxiān Gōngyuán; 伯先公园) is the Shaozong Library (Shàozōng Cángshūlóu; 绍宗藏书楼), which among other documents contains a 100-volume collection of old sayings and proverbs, dating from the 7th to 11th centuries. It is the best place in Zhenjiang for people who loves books and reading.

As we see Zhenjiang city, even it is a small city, it has a lot of beautiful and ancient places to visit. For people who really likes traditional “Chinese Hot-Pot”, I would recommend to visit a restaurant next to Wanda Plaza, the owner of the restaurant is my best friend and brother Wassem. Over there you can enjoy the meal and for a really reasonable price too. Almost every weekend I try to go there to see my friend, enjoy the time together and smoke some shishas at the late evenings on Zhenjiang streets.

About Writer:                           

7.jpgKhaleel Obieda is from Jordan. Right now he is doing his bachelor’s degree of mechanical engineering in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He speaks fluent Chinese and loves Chinese culture. He loves sports: basketball, fishing, swimming, riding horse and dancing. Also he loves to travel as well.


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