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Step 1: Here is my phone screen (sorry my phone screen is full with all the groups because I made them “Sticky on Top”). ...

How to Create a WeChat Group


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How to Create a WeChat Group

by Grant Dou   - Sep 14, 2015

Step 1: Here is my phone screen (sorry my phone screen is full with all the groups because I made them “Sticky on Top”).

Step 2: Tap the right top button“+”, shown below and circled in red, as follows:

Step 3: Tap the right top “Group Chat”, shown below and circled in red, as follows:

Step 4:These steps 1-3 lead you to your contact list.

Step 5:Scroll down to choose the contacts you want to add to the group (at least 2 more to make up a group). In the following example, I have chosen our official account “Panda Guides”and my assistant Alice to show this step. After finishing those contacts for the group, tap “OK”.


Step 6:Now the group chat is created, the following page is produced below, as follows:

Step 7: Click the right top, people icon,shown below and circled in red, as follows:

Step 8:You are led to the next picture of the current group, as follows below:

Step 9: Click Group Name, shown below in the red square, as follows:

Step 9: The next page appears as follows.  Your goal at this step is to create the Group Name.   

Step 10: Input the group name as you like. We just use “Travel China”.

Step 11: Click “Save”.

Step 12: Switch some buttons. If you choose “Sticky on Top”, this group will appear on top of your phone screen always unless you switch this button off. We advise you select “Mute Notifications” to make every message silent and save your battery. If you choose “Save to Contacts”, you can easily find the group in the section of “Group Chats”.

Step 13:Click right top button “<Back”, you’re led to the following page

Step 14:Now, your group named “Travel China” is created, and you can start chatting with other members. Let’s just input “Test”.

Step 15: If you want to add more members, click the top right people icon, and you’ll see the following page. Click “+” to add contacts, and “-” to remove members.

Now, let’s talk about some basic rules for WeChat Groups.

Any current member can invite their friends; however only the owner of the group (Administrator) can remove members.

If the group owner leaves the group, ownership (Administration) shifts to the second person who was invited in the group.

Anyone invited is automatically added to the group before it reaches 40 members.

After reaching 40 members,when any members want to add friends, you click “+”, and an invitation will be sent to the person you plan to add. The invitee(person invited) can only join by confirming (or accepting) the invitation.

At any time before the group reaches 100, you can also send the Group “QR Code” to anyone you would like to invite. But the Group QR Code will become invalid when the group reaches 100 total members.

Anybody wanting to join a group bigger than 100 is required to link his or her bank card to their WeChat account. Any Chinese bank card can be linked to two WeChat accounts. Some foreigners have reported that their foreign bank cards can also been linked, while others downloaded their WeChat APP outside China. Some have even said they were never asked to link any bank cards, and they could join any group even bigger than 100. However, we have never had this experience.

Up to now, the limit of a group is 500. Some have said a group could have up to 1,000 members, however, we have never tried.No members, including the owner, can add anyone when the group reaches the maximum.

Any member has the power to change the Group Name to whatever he or she desires when a group is smaller than 100. Therefore, it is best to populate a group as quickly as possible, to at least 100 members, to avoid any unforseen trouble maker(s) from changing the Group Name at any time.


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635379534674384537Grant Dou, PhD, is a Chinese Canadian currently based in Beijing, who owns the travel guide publishing business – Panda Guides ( Now Grant and his team have 16 WeChat groups for foreigners living in China (which are growing quickly), and whose goals are to help ease the difficulty of foreigners immersing into local daily lives. The company is working together with CITIC Bank to issue a joint local credit card to foreigners living in China, which attempt known to secure credit for foreigners living in China. Panda Guides’ first version of APP is scheduled to be released early October. Readers are encouraged to add his personal WeChat ID: grantdou or the official ID: panda_guides for more information.


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