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Expat in Critical Condition After Crash

by Joseph Nicolai   - Apr 28, 2015



A few days ago, on April 24th 2015, an American teacher had a car crash. 


The accident in Beijing left the promising 31-year-old teacher, originally from Gainesville (Florida), with severe brain damage and is left in a coma. He is currently being held on life support and is not expected to recover.  


After attending a show in Houshayu district by the cover band The Beijing Beatles, Jonathan Sokoloff left The Garage and headed back home. It was not that much later that he was found unconscious by a security guard close to home. As most Beijing motorcyclists, Jonathan was not wearing a helmet for the very short distance he had to travel to go home. 


Soko, as he's known to his friend, arrived at the hospital around 1am and has since then been on life-support in critical condition. He was finishing his teaching contract in Beijing in June, bringing his two year stint in Beijing to an end, and already had a job lined up in Brazil. 


His friends, family, and the Beijing expat community more broadly have so raised over $20,000 and 80,000RMB towards the mounting health care costs, but more is still urgently needed.


This is the post doing the rounds on Chinese social media:


Dear friends thanks for all the support u showed at our dear friend's tragic accident and many of you asked me if any help was required before we didnt need any help but now is the time to please step forward and help jonathan's family with financial aid - to help the family come over or pay expenses (over what the school is paying) to cover funeral (or repatriation of ashes) if needed?) docs still keeping him on life support till his family can make it here.


To help up out various fundraising outlets and events have been organized. 


On Friday May 1st there will be a fundraising event at Home Plate BBQ’s (本垒美国餐) Sanlitun location (朝阳区北京机电院南三里屯路10号). 


The fundraiser is not only for the abovementioned expenses, but also to help support his mother that Jonathon was supporting financially by his work overseas. 


She not only has to deal with having lost her son so far from home, not being able to afford to see him in Beijing, but also having to face a difficult financial situation when she returns home. 


If you would like to help in this tragedy, please donate and spread the word.


To donate, see Jonathan Sokoloff's Appeal and give generously.





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